Timber furniture: It’s not just how it looks, it’s about how it feels

There is nothing quite parallel to the beauty of well-carved custom made timber furniture. Timber can be easily combined with various other materials like metal or glass and you can design an exquisite piece. At Aussie Camphor, you can buy timber slabs and design your own custom timber furniture.

The richness of timber furniture don’t merely fill in a void space but they add value to your home. When you buy timber slabs from us, you can be rest assured of the quality. Our timber slabs are manufactured from the finest forests and they are extremely resilient. With minimum maintanence, you can cherish the longevity of wooden furniture for years to come.

Revamp and breathe a new life in your indoors

Designing custom timber furniture in Melbourne is very easy when you have the right quality of timber slabs. And this is exactly what we specialise in. Each timber slab is manufactured in the best conditions and provides amazing surface finish. Adding a piece of wooden furniture will completely change the way your room looks.

The natural grain and texture of wood guarantees that each furniture piece looks different. You can customize various furniture pieces.

● Dining table
● Benchtop
● Bed frame
● Cabinet
● Chair

Wooden furniture holds more value than any other furniture material. It is perfect for every climate type and you can rely on its durability even in extreme weather conditions. The best part about buying timber slabs and designing bespoke furniture is that you can customize it as per your preferences easily. In case you have any queries feel free to get in touch with us and we will assist you accordingly.

Reap benefits of classic timber slabs, buy it from us online at the best price