AC Coating Art Glass Finish Resin 1L


This unique epoxy resin is made especially for artworks, decorative cheeseboards/serving boards, MDF Coasters and or clear coating your projects. AC Coating Art Glass finish resin provides an extended pot life and glass-like finish, making it ideal for most art projects and creations. This epoxy resin has minimal bubbles with excellent bubble dispersion and self-levelling qualities for ease of use.


Pot Life 60 Minutes

Shelf Life recommended using the resin within 2 years after opening bottles; stored away from direct sunlight and kept in a cool, dry environment.

Heat resistance: 90*C

Cure time: 24 hours (varies depending on thickness)

Coating No more than 4mm per layer.

Additional Benefits             Excellent UV inhibitors

Excellent clarity and Transparents

Medium Viscosity

Low VOC’s

Easy to Pour and Encouages Cells

No Solvents


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AC Coating Art Glass finish resin is a ratio of 1:1 by volume resin systems. Measuring and mixtures must be accurate to achieve the best results; Do not change the ratio; otherwise, the resin cannot cure correctly and lower the resin’s physical properties.

AC Coating Art Glass finish resin has a standard pot life of 60 minutes. Recommended to use the resin within one year after opening bottles; stored away from direct sunlight and kept in a cool, dry environment.

It takes up to 24 hours for it to cure, also depending on the thickness.  AC Coating Art Glass finish resin can be poured as a thin surface coating of 2-3mm and layered to provide depth or a specific artistic design. The ideal temperature should be 22-25ºC, with a humidity level below 70%.

AC Coating Art Glass finish resin is low-medium viscosity with excellent movement. It flows when pouring on a flat surface, which is formulated to give a hard and clear glossy coating on timber products such as tabletops, clocks, or art projects.

Below are the estimated curing times at specific ambient temperatures: 25 Degrees = 6-9 hours

40 Degrees = 3-5 hours

60 Degrees = 1-2 hours

90 Degrees = <1 hour

Any temperatures lower than 25 degrees will require more than 9 hours for curing time. The warmer the resin, the faster the gel and curing time will be.

The resin can be tinted with our AC pigments or mousses, metal pastes or metallic powders to make your pour vibrant.

*We do not recommend adding alcohol inks to resin* IF you use alcohol inks in resin, DO NOT use a flame to remove bubbles, as alcohol is flammable.

At room temperature, you have 30-45 minutes of working time before it begins to gel.

SDS is also available on request. Please email for a copy.

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