Kustom Grit Superfine Abrasive Step 2 – 170ml


  • Kustom Grit Step 2 is Equivalent to 100’000 grit!
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Food safe and low-allergenic
  • Perfect for polishing Resin Pours/Casts!
  • Will remove swirls and scratches from any other finish
  • Polishes shellac, lacquer, oils, urethanes and more
  • Can be used as a simple stand-alone finish
  • Will polish metals and other acrylics/plastics too!
  • Made in Australia and patented

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This premium polishing compound is unlike any other available!

Handcrafted in Australia, Kustom Grit Step 2 Superfine Abrasive paste is equivalent to an insane 100,000 Grit! The ultra-fine polishing particles are blended into a proprietary base of hard waxes, meaning it can in fact be used as a stand-alone finish for small objects.

However perhaps its best application is its ability to polish out other finishes, removing any remaining swirl marks or scratches and enhancing the depth of the finish while adding additional protection. Use it over oils, shellacs, lacquers, polyurethanes – even brass and other metals; pretty much a universal cutting and polishing compound!

The ultra-fine nature of Kustom Grit also makes it the perfect tool for polishing resins, acrylic and other plastics! At last – a resin polishing paste! Resin casts take on a whole new depth with glass-like shine and clarity, from river table tops to bread boards to jewellery – there is no better way to give your cast the polish it deserves. Pen turners are also now armed with the right tool for polishing out those acrylic blanks to a blemish free gloss. So versatile, you can even use it to polish out your dulled plastic car headlight covers!

Best of all though, unlike other polishing pastes on the market, Kustom Grit contains no harmful nasties, no petro-chemicals, harsh dissolving bases or silicon and is therefore environmentally friendly. In fact, it deliberately has no additional scents or colouring agents, meaning it is as low-allergenic and food safe as possible – but it doesn’t taste very good, so don’t eat it!

Available in two grit levels and designed to be used in two steps. Step 1 is rated to 50’000 grit. Step 2 is the icing-on-the-cake, rated to 100’000 grit!

Also available in a kit of Step 1 and 2.

How to Use:

  • After sanding to desired grit, apply Kustom Grit Step 1 with paper towel or cloth to the work piece. Use a cloth or Buffing pad to work the product into the piece
  • After buffing use a clean piece of paper towel or cloth to wipe any excess Kustom Grit from the work piece before moving onto Kustom Grit Step 2 as Step 2 is a finer grade grit
  • For best results sand to the highest grit before using Kustom Grit. For example, 2000 Grit will give a glass like finish. However, great results are achieved anywhere from 400 Grit
  • Using a powered buffing pad will give the best finish, but Kustom Grit can be applied by hand
  • Kustom Grit can also be used for Lathe work. Recommended RPM between 400 and 800

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