Kustom Wax Beeswax Paste and Liquid Set


  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Food safe and low-allergenic
  • No perfumes or colours, all natural
  • A premium quality bees wax formula
  • Perfect for protecting oil finishes
  • Used over any other finish to improve shine and add protection
  • Used in furniture restoration
  • Kit contains 1x Tin of Paste and 1 x Bottle of Liquid Wax
  • Made in Australia

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Kustom Wax’s Bees Wax are handcrafted in Australia from the finest raw materials.

These waxes contains no hidden nasties and are deliberately low-allergenic and food-safe, making them perfect for the upkeep of food related wooden objects, like spoons, spatulas and bread boards. Environmentally friendly, Beeswax imparts a lovely natural sheen to any raw or finished timber and adds a further layer of protection against the elements.

Used wherever a furniture wax is required, from jewellry boxes to sideboards and dining tables. The liquid wax will penetrate more deeply than an equivalent paste wax making it ideal for nourishing the timber and building a deeper layer of protection first. Multiple coats can be applied if desired, then follow up with Kustom Wax Paste Bees Wax, for the ultimate shine and protection available from natural beeswax.

How to Use:

  • Apply to clean and dry surface
  • Apply with cloth, brush or paper towel
  • As a simple finish or for “upkeep” of previously waxed items, allow Kustom Wax Liquid to absorb into the piece for 5 to 10 minutes before buffing with a clean cloth
  • Repeat with a second coat if desired or;
  • For the best results, allow Kustom Wax Liquid to absorb for 1 hour, buff with a clean cloth
  • Then apply Kustom Wax Paste
  • Allow Kustom Wax Paste to absorb and dry on the piece for 30 minutes, or when fully absorbed, before buffing with a clean cloth

Use Kustom Wax Liquid or Wax Paste on clean used chopping boards for future protection. Reapply to chopping boards every 6 to 12 months or when required, for premium protection.

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