Everything You Can Do With A Timber Slab

It can’t hurt to be innovative!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge,” and that’s a quote that comes from the renowned theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein. If Albert Einstein believes you should be creative with your ideas and not just intelligent, we believe you can take his word for it.

Say, you found some timber slabs for sale in Adelaide and now you want to go about building a brand new product. There’s no reason not to, right? At Aussie Camphor you can find timber slabs for sale in Adelaide every now and then, which is why we want all our customers to have at least a minor idea of what they could create with our timber. We curated a tiny list that could help you get some grease in your brain’s system:

➢ A hanging bedside table: A site for sore eyes. Unique and unusual, you won’t believe how easy it is to build yourself a hanging table!
➢ Sliding door: Not a sight you’re normally greeted with when you walk into someone’s home, which is practically why a sliding timber door could be a great addition to your home.
➢ Light fixture: If you want to take your experimentation a step further, we recommend transforming your timber slab into a light fixture. Not only does it help you get rid of the wires’ visibility, but it also adds a classy touch to an object you didn’t even know could be customised!
➢ Swings for the kids: If you have a lovely backyard but can’t convince your kids to leave their electronic gadgets for it, don’t worry! Build a swing or two and you’ll find them making their way to the garden a lot more than they used to.

At Aussie Camphor, you can find everything you need concerning timber. Whether you need a timber slab or a customised timber kitchen tops  counter, you can find everything you need on our website. Contact us for more information, today!