Celebrate the everlasting beauty of timber, beautify your indoors and outdoors .

Timber slabs for sale in Melbourne

Timeless, aesthetic and versatile, timber is one of nature’s purest gifts. The beautiful material that blends in like a dream with every kind of interior as well as outdoor architecture. The texture and warmth of timber makes it one of the most ideal materials that can be used in various kids of projects.

Aussie Camphor has set its benchmark in the timber manufacturing industry. We have a myriad of different types of timber slabs for sale, our collection of timber slabs serves rightly as it has something for everyone. There is nothing that speaks sophistication and style like timber furniture. Buy timber slabs from our website and transform them into stunning bespoke furniture that compliments your home and resonates with your style.timber slabs are extremely easy to work with. Despite being highly durable, they are also quite easy to cut and obtain the desired shape.

There are endless design possibilities with timber. It has natural insulating properties which is why timber slabs are highly used by people who live in extreme weather conditions. Aside from the usual projects such as dining tables, benches and stools; you can also make other furniture pieces like vanity cabinets, wardrobes, TV cabinets, coffee tables and bed frames.

Embrace the warmth and luxury of timber

When you envision a home, you envisage the idea of comfort and something that gives you a sense of belonging. Timber is not only aesthetically pleasing but it also provides a feeling of warmth and coziness. Its raw texture and beautiful silhouettes makes timber slabs suitable for every project you want to try.

At Aussie Camphor, we pride in calling ourselves one of the most reliable manufacturers of timber slabs in Geelong. Each timber slab is sourced from the finest forests to ensure quality of these materials.

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