Timber Slabs: Give Your Interiors a Natural and Unique Look

Gone are the days when timber was only used for tabletops. Nowadays, timber slabs are used in various architectural projects to give a space and its furniture some character.

The main reason why a lot of our buyers in Brisbane and the Gold Coast invest in timber slabs is that timber is known to be energy efficient and last a long time. Derived from nature, wood is 100% recyclable and non-toxic. This means when you buy timber slabs from us, you are giving back to the environment.

We have the most exquisite quality timber slabs sourced naturally. Our team will help you choose the most suitable material according to your project requirements.

A wise investment

When it comes to flooring, timber is a highly sought-after choice due to its fantastic qualities. Timber is a greenhouse positive that has a lower environmental impact than any other material and, when compared to various other flooring materials like carpets and tiles, timber has a longer life. Carpets generally suffer from wear and tear in a maximum of five years and tiles will either crack or get scratches. However, when you go for timber flooring, it will last you for as long as you live.

If you’re thinking about which flooring to add to your next property in Brisbane, make sure you take a look at our timber options.

Durable and cost-effective

Wooden flooring will last you for as long as you live and well into the life of the next homeowner. Being a naturally insulating material, timber acts as a barrier. Hence, timber flooring can make your home more energy efficient.

Timber slabs can be used as flooring or even as a frame for construction, which is where many will also place extra insulation materials in between the spaces for more effectiveness without increasing the thickness.


Wood is evergreen and never goes out of style. If you’re looking for timber slabs for sale, you should know that it can be used for multiple purposes. Be it wooden furniture, flooring or walls, wood is classic and complements any type of interior design. There are different types of wood grades available, and you can choose whichever fits your requirements and budget.

With the variety of textures and unique patterns available, choosing from our wide range can be very easy. Simply order a timber slab from our website and customise it according to your requirements.

Are you intrigued by the idea of timber slabs? Get in touch with us and let us help you find the right match.