Camphor River Table top – CR010


Camphor Resin Tabletop

– Product Code: CR010
– Dimensions (L x W x H): 2300x1000x30mm
– Material: Camphor laurel timber Slab & Epoxy resin Brown colour
– Comfortably seats: 6-8 people
– Price already included GST.

*You can choose separate custom aluminium balck powder-coated or timber legs for your tabletop.

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About your piece
Epoxy resin tables are a popular piece of furniture with a custom art piece in every table. To create these beautiful tables, we use a mixture of epoxy resin and a custom timber slab. With these two products we can create such a stunning end result which involves the natural look in the timber contrasted with the modernized look that comes from the epoxy resin.

The Process   

Our tabletops are created from the highest-grade quality of kiln dried timber slabs, we then add multiple layers of our AC epoxy shallow cast resin into the natural cracks in the timber to create the perfect art/statement piece for your home. We then layer the piece with 2-3 layers of our AC coating art resin for the toughest possible finish, but we don’t stop there, we then spray several coats of 2 pack gloss, to create a shiny scratch resistant finish.

Looking after your piece 

Once your beautiful epoxy resin table is in your home there are a few simple steps to keep it in its beautiful condition.

  1. Avoid using sharp objects such as a knife directly on the surface this may result in deep scratches in the top.
  2. Refrain from using anything apart from soapy water to clean your top, other products may cause the 2 pack/resin to react strangely.
  3. Avoid using anything tougher than a sponge, such as steel wool ect.
  4. Very important to NOT place any hot plates/trays directly on top of your table this will upset the 2 pack/resin and cause damage to your top.
  5. Last but not least don’t drop/throw anything onto the table this may result in chips, divots ect.
Dimensions 2300 × 1000 × 30 mm